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Cultural icon, inspiring stay

Come and meet one of the cultural icons of Madeira, the sophisticated Pestana Casino Park, designed by the great master of world architecture Oscar Niemeyer. Very concerned with the integration of the hotel in the Funchal Bay area - and the fabulous garden-island - it is an amazing space, full of curves and symbolism, which makes your stay in Madeira absolutely unforgettable.

From here you can see the gardens, the sea, the mountains, the very nature that inspired the master, who endeavored to take the natural curves of Brazil to the world. Let yourself sleep in, have a wonderful breakfast in the panoramic restaurant and find your lounger by the pool and bar. Need tranquility? The garden has hidden nooks waiting for you where you can relax. But if you are feeling particularly adventurous, there is direct access to the Casino, with its lively game room and its shows, releasing the most fortunate side of your personality.       

When it comes to Madeira, the most impressive aspect is the harmonious coexistence between the mountains and the sea; between gardens and houses, between nature and man. You will find that the Pestana Casino Park uses this relationship of contrasts to the maximum. Next to the Bay cruise port of Funchal, modest enough to ensure the tranquility of its guests, but very close to the animation of the Madeiran society, this balance of contrasts is the main feature of this impressive building.

You can find important businessmen, sports teams and the best of Madeira society: after all, the Pestana Casino Park is the closest hotel to the city center, the congress center and the center of social and cultural life of Madeira: classes, exhibitions, workshops, dance and art in general have in this artistic space a magnificent stage to showcase. BEDROOMS
Ask for the key to your room and try to discover the place where you will spend the next few days resting. The elevators open onto huge living rooms, overlooking the Atlantic and the city, inviting you to pause. A small brief pause, just to point out that nothing will be predictable in the history of your holiday which  is starting to be written here. The sober and elegant rooms create a geometric contrast to lines which evoke Japan and balconies that make the imagination fly.

Natural elements are present in the structure of the building itself: designed as a half moon around the sun-building, the Casino of Madeira.

It is easy to recognize the trace of the brilliant Oscar Niemeyer in its  wide spaces, organic lines and the importance of social areas that invite you to make the most of the generous space and the magnitude of the view that this hotel offers. Get up early, go to the infinity pool and watch the sunrise in the Desert Islands. Enter the huge lobby and be impressed by the living rooms and bar which are quite large and sophisticated. You will be attracted by its lightness and fluidity, that invite you to proceed immediately to the area of ​​the panoramic restaurant where you will, of course, have dinner.

It is impossible not to feel the tension float away when you scroll through the amazing gardens, always accompanied by the contemporary lines of the hotel.

With so many facets, monotony is a feeling that will never assault your stay. But do not be immune to the more bucolic charms of the island, after all, it is no coincidence that the gardens and the sea both invite contemplation. At dinner, for example, it's hard not to get lost in the bright lights of the city and cruise ships, which are so close, that you can hear clearly the music that springs from them and imagine all the parties going on there.

Pestana´s Tip: As the hotel integrates non-intrusively into the garden space, perpendicular to the sea, leaving a facade facing the east - where the sunrise in the morning and at night the illuminated Funchal provide the fantastic view; and other facade facing west - absolutely perfect to see the sea, the mountains and the sunset. Whether you're an early bird or more nocturnal, this is the place for you.

Key Facilities

Leisure & Services

This hotel in Funchal, near the port, invites both long stays and holidays to discover yourself and the landscape. With cultural events, concerts, memorial pools - both outside and inside - a spa, fully equipped gym and tennis court, besides the eternal appeal of sofas and chairs and a hairdresser so you're always at your best.
Let your gaze wander to infinity eying the pool line, the Atlantic and the Desertas islands. The gardens provide you with shade and privacy to make the most of this space. At night, when you come back from your tours and adventures around the island or, in the morning, to gain more energy, go to the gym which has plenty of natural light and all the machines you need for a complete workout, or even the huge indoor pool, with its calming color scheme and relaxing effects, which give the feel of an Oriental public bath: water jets, several jacuzzis and curves that help create spaces where you can reserve a little place for yourself. Both outside and inside, discover so much to see.

Bridges lead you to the area of ​​the sauna and Turkish bath - where you will also find an ice fountain and a relaxation room - and take you to the treatment rooms where you can feel the perfection of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments of the Magic Spa. Whether you schedule a session of several hours or a short massage to face the mountains the next day, guaranteed satisfaction is total, since therapists adapt the treatment to your particular needs. Here is the place to feel.

After resetting batteries, play a game of giant chess, get excited by the culinary offerings, and have a meal in the room via room service if you have no desire or time to visit one of the restaurants - you can choose. After all, the rooms are also made for your enjoyment and the wi-fi, LCDs, the balconies and magnificent chairs and chaise longues deserve a little of your attention. And your body will be grateful for the special treatment, with all this glamor.


Activities and experiences that customers can use inside and outside the hotel (check reservations with reception)

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